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You may not think about it, but having your nails groomed every other week can cost you a lot. And that is what millions of women around the globe are doing – going to the salons where they pay for layers of protective nail polish, and decorations, and turning their short nails into unbelievably long ones.

We want to show you how your nails can look even if you are not a fan of manicures. Short nails are back in the game, and we can’t love them enough.

Having long nails has been a synonym for being stylish. However, the climate has changed. Nowadays, many women realize that having nice and short nails can make their lives so much easier. Here are some of the apparent reasons why you should go for short nails.

10 Obvious Short Nail Benefits

Do you think about changes you can make during the holiday season? Here are 10 clear reasons why you should switch from long to short nails next year.

1. Easy Maintenance

Isn’t this one of the most obvious reasons to switch from long to short nails? We think so, too. Easy maintenance is the reason many women around the globe choose to have shorter nails over long ones.

If you cut your nails too short, they can hurt a little bit, but in general, this is nothing compared to the maintenance needed for really long nails. Having short nails mean you won’t have to use ten different nail files to keep the shape. You can use it when necessary around the edges. This shouldn’t take much of your time, so you can do it before bed or during weekend days when you are free.

2. Certain Nail Art Will Look Great on Short Nails

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Just considering how many great short nails designs there are out there, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Even though some women wear their nails long to have them decorated or painted, you can do exactly the same with short nails. Even better – some designs and nail art simply look better on short nails (same as dark colors).

For example, floral, minimalistic designs look awesome on short nails.

3. Short Nails Are Easier to Keep Healthier

Short nails that are trimmed regularly are easier to keep healthy. You might wonder why it is so. Like your hair, if you keep it short and give it regular trims, it will look shiny, healthy, and less prone to cracks.

The same goes with nails – long nails tend to get caught in things, especially when you are in the kitchen or playing with your kids. This results in brittle nails that are prone to breakage. When your nails are short, you don’t have to coat them to protect them from breakage. By letting them breathe, you will make them healthier.

4. They Look Clean And Sleek

Even though long nails are still considered feminine and elegant, having short nails on some black-tie event won’t make you look less sophisticated. Do you know that even a French manicure is possible on short nails?

When your nails are short, they look clean. You wouldn’t have to worry about your nails looking polished or if they are appropriate or not. Whether you are applying for a job, still going to school, or have strict rules in the office, short nails will save you from many troubles.

5. Look Great With Dark Colors

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Since it is a season of dark, jewel-toned shades, you need to know this – dark colors look better on short than long nails.

You can choose anything from black though burgundy and dark red to navy blue. All these shades will match perfectly with short nails, whether you choose a square or almond shape.

6. Less Noticeable Scratches

Long nails have more surface area, so every scratch and crack will be easily visible. You will admit it – it can be pretty embarrassing to show off long, cracked nails in public.

Fortunately, with short nails, you won’t have these problems. Also, if the nail cracks or scratches, it will be less visible.

7. Short Nails Equals More Money in Your Bank

When you have long nails, going to the salon is inevitable. Having a fresh trim and layers of gel is crucial to keep them in shape. But what is that doing to your budget?

Depending on where you live, visiting the salon every two or three weeks can be expensive. That is just another reason you should switch to short nails.

Short nails are budget-friendly. If you are only using nail polish, you will need a cutter, a nail file, and a good creme for cuticles to make manicure work. Even if you wish to experiment with different nail colors, you can go to the pro, but again – only when you want. It no longer is obligatory.

8. Everyday Things Will Be Easier

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From buttons to zippers, from texting to cleaning or cooking – short nails mean so much more comfort.

Many things will be much easier to do without having extra long nails. How about removing eye contact and makeup? You probably were constantly poking yourself all the time. With short nails, these things simply won’t happen.

You will notice a huge difference in daily functioning. Nails should make your life easier and not make everyday things harder.

9. You Won’t Bite Them

One of the worst habits you can have is biting your nails.

While some people are tapping their feet, others bite their nails in stressful situations. Biting your nails won’t only ruin them but can also affect your health. Every time you bite your nails, you ingest bacteria hidden behind the nail.

Some women say they felt less tempted to bite nails when they cut them off. Instead of having long but chipped nails, have them short and neat.

10. You Can Add Accessories on Hands

If you are a fan of rings, stacked rings, and bracelets, then you will be delighted to hear that it is a lot easier to style accessories with your short nails.

While long nails are eye-catching, you can actually add accessories you like with short and neutral nails.

Conclusion: What Is the Ideal Nail Length?

Many women want to know what is the ideal nail length. The point is – there isn’t one length that suits everybody. Everyone picks nail length considering their lifestyle and personal preferences.

If you like to use your hands without worrying about your beautiful and extremely long nails, go for something shorter.

While long nails are more prominent and carry a certain message, short ones need less maintenance, so they are perfect for busy women, moms, and others who don’t have time for regular salon visits.

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10 Clear Advantages of Short Nails You Never Thought Of - BelleTag (2024)


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