Get Your Gloss On: High-Shine Nails Are The Trend For Spring 2024 - Women (2024)

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Get Your Gloss On: High-Shine Nails Are The Trend For Spring 2024

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ByEmily Hutchinson

Between3D charm looks, textured latte nails, and mysterious nuance nails, it's clear that spring 2024 is all about bringing glam to our hands. Now, just in time for warm weather, there's another shiny manicure trend that's rearing its head: Glossy nails. This glamorous nail trend is exactly what it sounds like; a simple, elegant design that packs a whole lot of punch with in-your-face shine. Best of all, with many high-shine polishes already on the market, it's a relatively easy look to DIY.


This isn't the first glossy trend to take over 2024.Glossy hair has been a big go-to(although, let's be honest, this is a look that's always been in), while high shine makeup has also been having a moment. Since late 2023,glossy lips have dethroned the matte lip look, while 2023 saw the returns of simpl, glossy eyelids over the traditional shimmery shadows. With that, it's safe to say that shiny is in when it comes to all aspects of beauty.

So, with that in mind, we're showing you a few different ways to bring some serious shine to your nails. That way, you can be very much on trend for spring as there may be more ways than you think to rock this light reflecting look.

Shine on with aura nails

Aura nails were everywhere in 2023, so it makes sense to give the trend a glossier upgrade for spring 2024. This futuristic look typically involves two polishes, with the center shade fading out into the outer one. Many people opt for a darker and lighter version of the same color here, but you don't have to! The world is your oyster when it comes to aura nail colors. Achieve a seamless and stunning high-shine finish with a shiny clear top coat.


Pearlescent looks bring plenty of shine

Another way to bring some gloss to your nails without your look being too understated is to try a pearlescent finish with a glossy topcoat. Pearlescent polishes do a great job of reflecting light in a very sophisticated way, while a high shine top coat will not only put you on trend, but it will also help to stop your polish from chipping.


Add some glitter to your glossy manicure

Although the glossy look is more about natural-looking shine over glitter and shimmer, that doesn't mean you can't still bring some extra glitz to it. Instead of going with a traditional white French tip, accent your glossy, nude nails with iridescent champagne-colored or gold glitter.The look is fun and unique but still neutral enough to work with daytime looks and night time glam.It's totally up to you how much you want to play with and which nails you add it too, but it will help add even more shine to this light-reflecting style.


Try a dark shine

Don't think that just because you're going for high shine you can't go for a darker polish. To keep it from being too intense, opt for a black polish that's either a high shine formula itself or add a high shine top coat over the top. The result channels ultimate It Girl energy. We know, black nails aren't for everyone, but there really are some chic ways to wear themthese days.


A classic French manicure is one of the easiest ways to try the glossy trend

Of course, there are countless ways to make a French manicure your own, but when it comes to gloss, these two go hand in hand perfectly. A bright white stripe is the ideal accent for the pinky nude.It's timeless for reason!Just create Princess Diana's favorite nail look as normal, then add a super glossy top coat over the top. And you're all done!


Add nail art to your shiny style

Just because it's past Valentine's Day, doesn't mean your glossy nails can't feel the love. Heart nail art will give your talons an adorable romantic twist. Paint tiny strawberries to give it a springtime flair. If hearts aren't your thing, stars or polka dots are surprisingly easy to create but oh so effective for making high gloss nails your own.


Or go 3D for a high-gloss look

There's absolutely no reason why your high-shine nail looks have to be flat. The glossy look is all about adding dimension and reflecting the light, so why not literally bring that dimension to life? 3D add-ons, like press-on charms or rhinestones can elevate the drama. Or better yet, combine it with other popular designs.Bows have been another big trend in the nail world recently, while adding metallic touches will bring even more shine.


A thin line manicure will let your nails shine

You don't have to just try one color if you're looking for glossy nails. A few pencil thin lines oftrendy spring pastel shades on the tip is a creative way to accent your glossy nails and make this trend your own. The neutral pink gloss really stands out against a lilac, baby blue, light orange, or pale green frame.Keeping the stripes thin allows this to be playful for the seasonwhile still keeping things more understated. You can make the design pop by adding colorful stripes to the bottom of the cuticle, too.




Get Your Gloss On: High-Shine Nails Are The Trend For Spring 2024 - Women (2024)


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